Ellipsis Student Ministry

There's more to your story...

Ellipsis Student Ministry  is the student ministry of First Church. ESM is a vibrant place for students and young adults to connect to their mission in the Kingdom of God.

ESM meets on Wednesdays at 7:00PM in the Student Center.

Our mission is simple: We believe there is more to your story.
No matter where you have been or what you have been through, Jesus is the author of your story and he is finished writing the details of your life.

Sunday Mornings | Wednesday Evenings


Join us in the Worship Center for a time of worship with the entire church.
ESM is always represented on the first three rows, we will save you a spot!


ESM meets in the Student Center on Wednesday evenings.  The Student Center is across the parking lot from the Worship Center and is adjacent to First Cup Coffee.


Circles is an intentional way to create community and build relationships. We believe life is done in circles and not in rows.

Circles are the small groups of ESM, get connected and let's grow together.

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